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About Gilat


Leading Satellite Communications in the New Elastix Space Era

The New Elastix Space Era is changing the way we live by delivering the most advanced and widespread connectivity the world has ever seen. It is defined by launches of very large, software defined, multi-orbit constellations and satellite capacity that is growing faster than ever before. Satellites are getting smarter and the cost per megabit is decreasing quickly. Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) are unlocking opportunities for new applications and cloud technologies are maximizing operational efficiencies and creating new business models. The promise of ubiquitous connectivity has never been closer!

In this new Era, managing new, complex satellites and constellations to work in harmony requires unique innovation in the ground segment. Tight coordination between ground and space is necessary to manage software-defined platforms, dynamically and automatically configure carriers, do higher throughput data processing, and enable network orchestration capabilities while communicating with moving satellites.

We at Gilat understand that disruptive innovation is required to provide solutions with the high degree of flexibility that is essential for the New Elastix Space Era.  Our innovative deep technology consists of leading equipment for the ground segment, SSPAs and antennas.

We invest heavily in R&D and operate six R&D Centers worldwide, where our skilled engineers develop cutting-edge, future-ready solutions to support evolving customer and market needs. Millions of people around the world are already connected using Gilat technology.  We are proud to lead the New Elastix Space Era using deep technology to tie everything together and make this new reality possible.

Gilat is driving innovation in the New Elastix Space Era. Watch our video to learn more.


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