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  • Gilat’s CEO, Adi Sfadia, Interview with Satellite Mobility Magazine

    “Gilat has endured. It’s a smart company with tough, determined people and a portfolio of innovative communications technologies.” Alan Gottlieb, Editor of Satellite Mobility Magazine
    Read the full interview here.

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  • Gilat’s Year in Review 2020 for SatMagazine

    In the December edition of SatMagazine, our Director of Product Marketing and Corporate Communications Doreet Oren reflects on how Gilat managed to lead the Cellular Backhaul industry when communication was needed more than ever before, as well as on NGSO and IFC progress and on notable technical achievements.

    Read more about our major milestones during this challenging year of 2020.

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  • Gilat’s Wavestream GM, Bob Huffman Interview with Gottlieb Mobility World

    Learn about maximizing the satellite capacity return on investment from Wavestream’s General Manager Bob Huffman, as he discusses optimizing the RF chain and Wavestream’s plans for 2021. Read the interview in Mobility World. 

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  • Gilat Peru – Closing Digital Divide in Peru

    Gilat signed contract with IPT, a company consisting of Telefonica and Facebook among others to deliver broadband connectivity to hundreds of rural locations throughout Peru. Peru’s Vice Minister of Communications said in a festive signing ceremony: “… The expansion of these services will benefit around half a million people … Gilat accepted the challenge to work on regional projects in an extremely difficult area, and we should praise its impeccable work … This milestone proves that the investment on private entities generates the expected value for the citizens, especially during the current worldwide pandemic, where we need internet access to stay communicated. “

    Read here the announcement from Ministry of Transport and Communication.

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  • Satellite Players See Backhaul Market Ripe for Further Growth

    “ Satellite backhaul today is often the preferred choice for leading MNOs worldwide in various applications of 2G/3G/4G cellular backhaul.”
    Gilat, the CBH market leader, is featured in the Via Satellite article, which includes an interview by Gilat’s executive, Michal Aharonov.

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