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Gilat First to Deliver Layer 2 with GTP Acceleration to Provide True LTE Speeds over Satellite for Large-Scale Networks

Operational-efficiency now achieved for both cellular backhaul and corporate connectivity applications over the SkyEdge II-c platform

Petah Tikva, Israel, November 8, 2016 — Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT), a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, announced today being the first to deliver Layer 2 with GTP acceleration to provide true LTE speeds as well as operational efficiency, for large-scale networks. Layer 2 functionality is now available for both cellular backhaul and corporate connectivity applications.

Gilat’s patent pending innovative GTP acceleration techniques provide true LTE performance of 150 Mbps to the handset, being on par with terrestrial performance. This technological breakthrough was chosen by tier-1 MNOs in the US, UK and Japan to extend network coverage and for public safety applications, thus propelling satellite backhaul from a niche play to the mainstream. With this solution, Gilat is driving satellite cellular backhauling from the developing world to the developed world, and from rural areas, to the metro-edge, and metro networks.

These heterogeneous networks compromising of terrestrial and satellite backhauling require simplified operational practices. Addressing this need, Gilat is the first to implement carrier grade Layer 2 with GTP acceleration, thus providing true LTE performance on large-scale networks.

“Gilat is leapfrogging the conventional Layer 2 implementation by adding the ability to accelerate inside the LTE GTP Tunnel as well as being IP transparent. This enables application of standard terrestrial operational practices to satellite networks,” said Hagay Katz, Head of the VSAT Line of Business at Gilat, “The unique feature set provided by Gilat includes Q-in-Q, Ethernet Virtual Connection based on the MEF standards, header compression to improve efficiency over the satellite link, and standard Layer 2 telemetries for performance management and fault management. This comprehensive package ensures smooth integration to network operator systems and is testament to Gilat’s continued technological leadership.”

About Gilat
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT) is a leading provider of products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. Gilat develops and markets a wide range of high-performance satellite ground segment equipment and VSATs, with an increasing focus on the consumer and Ka-band market. In addition, Gilat enables mobile SOTM (Satellite-on-the-Move) solutions providing low-profile antennas, next generation solid-state power amplifiers and modems. Gilat also provides managed network and satellite-based services for rural telephony and Internet access via its subsidiaries in Peru and Colombia.

With over 25 years of experience, and over a million products shipped to more than 90 countries, Gilat has provided enterprises, service providers and operators with efficient and reliable satellite-based connectivity solutions, including cellular backhaul, banking, retail, e-government and rural communication networks. Gilat also enables leading defense, public security and news organizations to implement advanced, on-the-move tactical communications on board their land, air and sea fleets using Gilat’s high-performance SOTM solutions. Gilat controlling shareholders are the FIMI Private Equity Funds. For more information, please visit us at

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