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Banking & Finance

Accelerate Rollout of Financial Services
While Cutting Infrastructure Costs

As the business climate becomes ever more competitive, banking and financial institutions are looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies, lower costs, and generate new revenue streams. With the increasing popularity of mobile and remote digital banking, the need for a robust and secure network infrastructure has never been greater.

Private networks have become an effective solution for addressing today’s banking infrastructure requirements. These networks facilitate key use cases, such as expanding into geographically distributed and remote offices, securing critical financial transactions and providing for business continuity in disaster recovery scenarios.

Gilat’s end-to-end solution for banking and financial institutions includes state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals designed to efficiently manage ATMs, credit card authorization, trading and other financial transactions. Bandwidth efficiency is optimized during both low volume and peak transmission times through the use of Multi-Frequency TDMA access schemes, while data security is enforced through encryption of inbound and outbound traffic without added latency.

The solution can also be used to connect rural/remote branches into corporate infrastructure via VoIP, video conferencing, digital signage and data links to all offices. Multicast capabilities enable timely updating of local offices with the latest financial information.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Banking & Financial solution:

  • High performance using patented embedded acceleration features that mitigate latency
  • Reduced infrastructure costs and fast service deployment vis-à-vis terrestrial networks
  • Optimized satellite bandwidth usage helps to minimize operational costs

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