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Reliable, High-Speed Global
Connectivity at Sea

Commercial and private vessels today expect a secure and continuous broadband connection — no matter how remote their location. Critical operational decisions depend on reliable communications with headquarters. At the same time, ships’ crews and passengers expect to have the same level of reliable online and mobile connectivity at sea that they have on land.

This is why VSAT-powered maritime communications, once limited to high-end segments such as container fleets, cruise ships, and freight companies, are now gaining traction with smaller vessels as well. To meet the growing demand for maritime connectivity in smaller vessels, Gilat has developed cost-effective Ku- and Ka- band satellite communications products. These high-speed, compact terminals are well-suited for smaller vessels and are powered by our high-performance VSAT hub platform.

Gilat’s maritime connectivity solution, comprised of high-speed VSAT terminals, maritime antennas, all-in-one maritime terminals and our state-of-the-art integrated hub platform, delivers continuous broadband communications for ships’ crews and passengers. Working with both HTS and wide-beam satellites, Gilat’s solution ensures transparent and automatic beam switching for seamless coverage regardless of your ship’s location.

In addition, Gilat offers spectrally efficient and powerful VSATs that can be easily integrated with existing antennas and ship infrastructure.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Maritime solution:

  • Ultra-high performance modems
  • Affordable terminal for small vessel connectivity
  • Automatic beam switching for seamless coverage
  • Improved crew retention and quality of life

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