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Secure & Resilient SATCOM Technology for Today’s Net-Centric Battlefield

The digital transformation of the military continues to shape the future of global security. Seamless collaboration and communication are crucial for helping defense agencies realize a more modern way of working and managing themselves more effectively; sharing vast amounts of critical information (including voice, data and video) in real-time makes military maneuvers more efficient and effective. The net-centric battlefield is achieved by implementing a globally interconnected broadband communication network (including infrastructure, systems, processes, and people) that speeds up 2-way communications and increases situational awareness.

To achieve this new level of connectivity and operational continuity, wherever forces may be located and despite any enemy efforts to block communication, modern militaries are now, more than ever before, using satellite communications (SATCOM) to help ensure the successful completion of land, sea and air missions.

Gilat’s end-to-end SATCOM solutions have been designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s net-centric battlefield, including;

  • Flexible, secure platforms for huge amounts of data and high-bandwidth applications to connect soldiers, platforms and terminals across land, sea and air
  • Continuous, secure and resilient connectivity to ensure that information is available when, where and how it is needed
  • With all necessary technology, equipment, applications, products and solutions under one roof.


Gilat’s high-performance and quick-to-deploy systems also support a diverse range of civilian services across a wide variety of emergency preparedness and response use cases. Not only is satellite an ideal solution in rural and remote areas where deploying a terrestrial network is cost-prohibitive or unfeasible; but it is also an effective backup solution in urban and other areas.


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