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Extend Connectivity on Demand Anywhere on the Planet

Reliable and dependable broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of today’s global enterprise. With remote branches, a mobile workforce and widespread customers, enterprises’ business continuity depends upon uninterrupted connectivity for their IP applications regardless of location. Satellite communications is the only way to achieve this level of global connectivity at a reasonable price.

Gilat’s VSAT solutions allow enterprises to achieve true broadband connectivity for voice, data and video services at any point on the globe with better operational efficiencies and lower costs. We offer end-to-end enterprise solutions for energy companies, banks and other financial institutions, retailers, educational organizations and Internet of Things projects. Our enterprise solutions increase productivity by leveraging high throughput satellites that deliver more information faster and at lower bandwidth costs.

Our unmatched track record over the past decades includes the delivery of efficient and reliable satellite-based connectivity solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises worldwide.

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