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Supporting the World

Alexandru Turculet, Global Technical Support Center and Network Operations Center Manager

Moving on Up

I’ve been with Gilat for a little over eight years.

I started here as a technical support engineer and worked my way up. In August (2019) I took over responsibility for our Network Operations Center in addition to the Technical Support Global Center.

Today I manage two extremely professional teams, based in Moldova, where I live, and in Peru, both providing technical support to our customers worldwide.

You learn to handle all sorts of business-critical situations. It’s about staying positive, thinking “out of the box”, and not letting yourself get distracted by other issues, so you can reach an optimal solution.

For someone like me who graduated in Aerospace Engineering, working with space satellites and travelling the world is a dream.

Passion for Innovation

Life at Gilat is never boring. I’m always looking for novel ways to improve service quality and maintain excellent relations both with our customers and other teams within Gilat.

Innovationis central to what we do. A big part of my role is adapting our services, products and way of thinking to satisfy our customers’ evolving requirements.Being up to speed with the latest technology trends and our evolving products and features definitely keeps me on my toes.

One of the thrills of working with talented and passionate people is getting to see new projects or milestones being implemented and working even better than we’d imagined. There’s a real sense of pride in what we do.

Feeling Connected to Something Bigger

It’s empowering knowing you can make a real impact, and change thing for the better. And, you’re never alone doing that.

Even though I’m working with people from all over the world, we’re united by our desire to do good and help.Distance from our HQ in Israel is no object thanks to video calls. When you need support, you get it. In turn, you support colleagues when they need it. Just like an extended family.

Every now and then we have long three-day weekend. For me, it always feels like one day too many away from the office. I guess that’s a good sign.<?


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