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SkyEdge IV – The Smoothest Transition to Cloud and 5G NTN


The satellite communications industry stands on the brink of transformation with the impending shift to 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN). 5G NTN brings forth a wide range of advantages that contribute to the progression and enhancement of global satellite communication systems including standard ubiquitous connectivity across terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, a multi-vendor open ecosystem for the satcom industry, and new revenue streams from new use cases.

Here at Gilat, we have designed our next-generation SkyEdge IV platform to enable the smoothest transition to 5G NTN, based on the following considerations:

  • A successful 5G NTN transition requires adopting a virtualized, all-software platform operating on standard off-the-shelf hardware to provide flexibility and scalability while reducing costs. Using a virtualized platform enhances operational efficiency and allows for efficient resource allocation as well as establishes a dynamic, adaptive software-defined network architecture.


  • An ideal platform should incorporate new standards without extensive hardware upgrades as well as support various waveforms to ensure compatibility with diverse satellite technologies. This adaptability is essential as the industry explores different frequency bands, modulation schemes, and satellite constellations to meet the growing demand for connectivity.


  • Preserving DVB-S2X investments is crucial for cost-effectiveness. A phased approach allows operators to incrementally upgrade infrastructure, reducing risks and ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing operations. Integrating 5G NTN elements strategically alongside existing systems enables leveraging both technologies, minimizing disruptions, and allows thorough testing and validation at each stage, ensuring a successful transition before moving forward.


  • The platform must support multi-orbit operation and Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) capabilities with an architecture that enables seamless evolution to the Cloud and 5G NTN. Multi-orbit operation optimizes coverage and ensures seamless connectivity across diverse geographical regions and VHTS meets the demand for data-intensive applications.


  • A unified NMS designed to handle the intricacies of both current DVB-S2X and 5G NTN platforms simplifies operations, reduces the learning curve for administrators, and enhances overall efficiency. This unified approach enables operators to manage and monitor their entire hybrid network ecosystem from a single interface.


Key Features and Benefits 

  • SkyEdge IV is transitioning to a virtualized All-Software Platform with Off-the-Shelf Hardware
  • SkyEdge IV will Apply Future Standards to Ensure Operability Across Multiple Waveforms
  • Enables a Strategic Evolution to Preserve S2X Investments and Business Operations
  • SkyEdge IV supports multi-orbit operation and VHTS and enables steady evolution to Cloud and 5G NTN
  • SkyEdge IV’s Elastix Total NMS was designed for both current infrastructure and 5G NTN platforms


View our 5G NTN infographic:


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