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Enhancing Military Communication Capabilities in Diverse and Challenging Operational Environments

Transportable satellite terminals offer critical benefits to today’s net-centric battlefield, providing essential communication capabilities in a variety of operational scenarios.

Transportable satellite terminals are designed for quick deployment and setup in the field. This capability is crucial in military operations where establishing communication links promptly is essential for coordination and situational awareness. Transportable terminals can also operate in diverse environments, including remote or hard-to-reach locations where traditional communication infrastructure may be absent or compromised.

Warfighters depend on the reliability and scalability of Transportable terminals to ensure a robust and resilient network able to handle varying levels of communication traffic and data transfer.

The DataPath DKET 3400 Series, including the DKET 3421, delivers the operational flexibility, capacity, connectivity, and control required to ensure success anywhere in the world. Deploying in less than four hours, the DKET 3400 Series provides a secure, reliable, network hub in the form of a single-skid earth terminal. Because of this form factor, the system is easily transportable by any Palletized Load System (PLS). With more than 150 units installed around the world, commercial and military users have relied on DataPath DKETs for more than a decade.

DataPath’s trailer-based earth terminals can be towed anywhere a Humvee can go or lifted virtually anywhere by helicopter. Designed to establish secure, reliable voice, video, and data communications in any environment, the STT is rugged and powerful. It has been tested in challenging conditions and demanding operations throughout the world. DataPath has deployed over 1000 STT terminals worldwide.

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