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Elastix-Access Revolutionizing
Return Technology

Elastix-Access: Revolutionizing Return Technology

One of the four dimensions of Gilat’s Elastix-Architecture is the highly efficient Elastix-Access. The Elastix-Access is able to answer a variety of needs that include high-throughput applications including cellular backhaul and mobility, all the way to very low throughput for applications such as IoT.

Furthermore, the Elastix-Access addresses dynamic changes in the satellite network caused by physical conditions or changing needs. Network utilization must be optimized in the Elastix Era more than ever before with speeds that are moving from Kbps to Gbps on a single terminal, with fast and dynamic adaption to change with maximum efficiency and availability.

Gilat’s SkyEdge IV platform includes the unique Elastix-Access that simultaneously supports any application, with Elastix-SCPC and Real-TDMA, even in the most demanding situations. The actual required bandwidth must be identified, adjusted and controlled to provide the best quality of service with maximum cost savings.

The availability of the satellite link must be maintained for best service availability, with continuous power adjustments, to most efficiently and dynamically reduce modulation codes to maintain service quality.

Gilat’s Elastix-Dense Coding algorithm – XDC, enables speeds of Giga bits per second and superior efficiency and unmatched availability.

Gilat’s Elastix-Access is pushing the limits of return technology, delivering leaps and bounds above our competitors in performance and efficiency


  • Saves 15% more on the space segment, under comparable conditions
  • Return speeds of 750 Mbps (250Msps channel), enabled by industry’s widest 500Msps multi-channel receiver, are 2X faster than competition
  • Elastix Dense Coding
    • Is 15% superior to standard LDPC
    • Adapts to any application type with the widest dynamic operation range from -15dB to +15dB with 0.6dB resolution
  • Optimized shared bandwidth for Elastix-SCPC & Real-TDMA


View the Elastix-Access infographic:

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