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Gilat offers service providers an end-to-end VSAT network, including our multi-service platforms, a rich portfolio of high-performance VSAT and Mobility Terminals and a comprehensive network management system.

Our new platform, SkyEdge IV, is powered by Gilat’s Elastix-Architecture.  This latest platform is designed to provide the best ground segment solution for the Elastix Era of multi-orbit Software-Defined Satellites (SDS), providing very high capacity over thousands of concentrated beams. SkyEdge IV includes an advanced total network management system, Elastix-TotalNMS, enabling full configuration, control and monitoring of all hub elements and remote terminals, regardless of their physical location.

Our renowned platform, SkyEdge II-c, is powered by Gilat’s distributed and flexible X-Architecture. Optimized for HTS, this scalable architecture enables service providers to address their needs with a single, cost-effective platform. A single remotely controlled network management system lets providers introduce services, maintain the network, and optimize network resource utilization. SkyEdge II-c is forward compatible to the new SkyEdge IV system.

Gilat also offers a range of modems and solutions to address the specific needs of the mobility sector, providing outstanding reliability, performance and ease of deployment. Our solutions are compact, lightweight, cost effective, support Ku and Ka frequencies and operate over multi-orbit constellations and VHTS.

Our market leading VSAT technologies and solutions enable service providers to support a wide range of additional markets. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of enterprise and consumer broadband access, cellular backhauling and more.


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