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On the Move Connectivity for a Bandwidth-Hungry World

Industries, governments and civilian organizations all over the world rely on dependable broadband communications to keep them connected while on the move, anywhere, anytime.

Communications on the move are now widely used in mining, agriculture, broadcasting, defense, oil and gas, emergency response and humanitarian aid to optimize operations in remote or temporary locations. Trains, buses, cars, government vehicles and agricultural equipment must have greater connectivity capabilities than ever before. SatCom-On-The-Move (SOTM) is the most cost-effective and at times the only feasible way to ensure reliable broadband connectivity on moving objects anywhere on the planet.

Gilat offers a range of modems and solutions to address the needs of the mobility sector, providing outstanding reliability, performance and ease of deployment. Our solutions are compact, lightweight, cost effective, support Ku and Ka frequencies and operate over multi-orbit constellations and VHTS.  Along with our customers and partners, we are enabling ubiquitous connectivity for the growing number of land mobility applications that require VSAT connectivity, whether it’s on a train, on a tractor, on a truck, in a van or in a car. 

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