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Ultimate Platform for VHTS and Multi-Orbit Constellations

SkyEdge IV is Gilat’s next generation multi-service platform built with our new, advanced Elastix-Architecture. SkyEdge IV’s single platform for multi-orbit operation enables deployment on GEO Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) as well as Non-GEO Stationary (NGSO) constellations and operates a single and unified multi-orbit network.

SkyEdge IV is a highly elastic platform that enables, together with Software-Defined Satellites (SDS), the creation of programmable Software-Defined Networks (SDN) that support on-the-fly changes to optimally address dynamic network changes.

The Elastix-Architecture is a cloud-based distributed architecture, enabling the ability to split between transmission function located in the gateway and data processing SW-based functions which can be flexibly deployed on cloud servers located anywhere in the network.

Gilat’s SkyEdge IV VSAT network platform provides the most advanced features to meet the demands of today’s satellite communication users:

  • Mobility – Beam and satellite switching, on-the-move antenna and BUC communication interfaces, and a comprehensive network management system for mobility terminals
  • Backhauling – Unique patent-pending LTE and 5G cellular data acceleration overcomes satellite latency and enables mobile handsets to achieve unprecedented speeds of over 1Gbps.
  • Military & Government – Manages encrypted Internet and VoIP, provides connectivity for mobile systems in the air, land and sea and allows satellite resource optimization on military networks.
  • Broadband Access – Enhanced usage-based services and integrated site level accounting deliver flexible and competitive service plans.
  • Enterprise – With L3 and L2 support, SkyEdge IV provides comprehensive IP and routing capabilities and other Enterprise related features.


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