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Gilat's flexible, multi-service hub platforms let service providers support any application in any market. Powered by Gilat's distributed and highly scalable X-Architecture, the cloud-based SkyEdge II-c platform enables efficient and robust ground segment deployment to support single beam or multi-beam satellites. Our satellite hub platforms are built to cost-effectively meet the needs of any network operator, making it easy to extend services to new markets with minimal investment and risk.

Gilat's SkyEdge II-c VSAT network platform enables service providers to deliver a wide range of advanced, high-speed services to diverse markets:

  • Mobility – Beam and satellite switching, on-the-move antenna and BUC communications interfaces, and a comprehensive network management system enable support for a variety of on-the-move terminals
  • Cellular Backhauling – Unique patented 3G/4G cellular data acceleration overcomes satellite latency and enables mobile handsets to achieve maximum download speeds of up to 200Mbps
  • Residential Broadband – Enhanced usage-based services and integrated site level accounting deliver flexible and competitive service plans
  • Enterprise – Rich IP stack supports comprehensive IP and routing capabilities as well as other enterprise-related features
  • IP Trunking – High-throughput (100 Mbps), adaptive SCPC return transmission supports locations requiring very high transmit throughput for primary connectivity, business continuity, and emergency response

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