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SkyEdge IV Aquarius Family
SkyEdge IV Aquarius Family
Ultra High Performance VSATS for Next Generation Satellites

SkyEdge IV Aquarius is an ultra-high-performance family of VSATs designed for operation over next-generation Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) and GEO and Non-GEO (NGSO) constellations. The Aquarius family of VSATs was designed to support flexible satellites servicing multiple fixed and mobility applications such as broadband, 4G and 5G backhauling, commercial maritime and cruise ships, corporate enterprise services and heavy connectivity trunking links.

The Aquarius VSAT family is designed to provide uninterrupted service, supporting next-generation software-defined satellites. Aquarius enables seamless operation, “make before break” NGSO satellites handover, switching between GEO and NGSO or between different GEO satellites. To provide continuity of service for these use cases, Aquarius is equipped with dual transmit/receive interfaces and fast adaptive reconfiguration capabilities on both the forward and return channels supporting satellite on-the-fly changes.

The VSATs exhibit ultra-high processing capacity, achieving above 2Gbps aggregated throughput and high packets-per-second processing.


  • Ultra-high throughput and high PPS family of VSATs
  • Designed for ultra-high data intensive applications such as: 4G/5G and WiFi backhauling, oil and gas and high-end enterprise applications, land and maritime mobility, and high-end cruise ships
  • Software-defined programmable VSAT for seamless operation over legacy and next generation flexible satellites
  • Multi-Orbit (GEO/NGSO) “make-before-brake” satellite handover
  • Integrated MEF based Layer-2 services
  • High-performance Air Interface – DVB-S2X and Gilat TDMA and Elastix-SCPC (eSCPC)
  • Open standard interfaces for Antenna (OpenAMIP) and BUC (OpenBMIP)


The Aquarius family of VSATs include:

  • Aquarius Pro – a telco-grade, rack-mounted VSAT ideal for high- end mobility and backhauling services
  • Aquarius-e – suited for backhauling, broadband and enterprise services
  • Aquarius Outdoor – a rugged, all-weather VSAT solution perfect for harsh, unattended environments for fixed sites and maritime mobility


The Aquarius family of VSATs is compatible with SkyEdge IV.


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