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Elastix-Architecture – New Dimensions in Ground Segment Technology

Gilat is meeting the demands of the New Elastix Space Era with its next-generation technology, SkyEdge IV, that accurately and efficiently focuses resources on actual demand with minimal costs. This transformation addresses the major satellite industry challenges of requiring higher network capacity, at a lower cost, with ensured availability, lower latency and higher throughput per user.

Elasticity in satellite communication is more crucial than it’s ever been before. Having the ability to adapt, expand and deploy network resources in real-time is no longer a future promise but an absolute necessity to maximize the capabilities of next-generation satellite technology. More specifically, space and ground segment satellite communication providers are developing solutions that work in harmony, being dynamic, programmable, streamlined, efficient and scalable.

SkyEdge IV’s Elastix-Architecture is an evolution of the X-Architecture, taking Gilat’s extensive experience in designing, implementing and deploying satellite communication ground stations and expanding it to meet today’s new capabilities.

Gilat’s Elastix-Architecture, as implemented in SkyEdge IV, is built around 4 basic dimensions that are key to next generation satellite communication:

  • Cloud-Based Ecosystem
  • Multi-Orbit Satellite Constellations
  • Software-Defined Satellites
  • Elastix-Access


Gilat’s Elastix-Architecture is designed to enable customers to promote next-generation core technologies like 5G and cloud and will enable satellite operators to expand their business into new markets.

SkyEdge IV’s distributed Elastix-Architecture with software-defined based orchestration is the ideal solution for maximizing throughput over software-defined satellites with a scalable sophisticated infrastructure.

The Elastix-Architecture allows for simplified management and orchestration by the Elastix-TotalNMS centralized management system. Gilat’s network management system is built utilizing its proven expertise in satellite network monitoring, control and configuration management.

View the Elastix-Architecture infographic:

Or watch our video here.

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