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Elastix-TotalNMS: Pioneering Network Management for Ground-Space Harmony

New next generation Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) and Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) constellations bring massive bandwidth, scale and service flexibility, leading to more powerful and capable satellite networks than ever before. These networks provide unparalleled agility and enable demand-based bandwidth delivery where and when it is needed.

However, as networks expand globally, in bandwidth, number of subscribers and with the introduction of new satellite constellations and software-defined satellites, efficient network management becomes more and more challenging. For that, Gilat developed the industry’s most advanced, smart network management system for software-defined satellites and multi orbit ground systems – the Elastix-TotalNMS.

Elastix-TotalNMS is a microservice based cloud-native application featuring standard interfaces to next generation satellite resource managers and service orchestrators. With a modern, state-of-art architecture, Elastix-TotalNMS is best equipped to support high availability and scalability as well as automation and a rich portfolio of services in multi-orbit networks deployed with both SkyEdge-IV and SkyEdge II-c platforms. 


  • Smart management of multi-orbit networks and software-defined satellites
  • Integrates with Satellite Resource Managers (SRM) and service orchestrators, utilizing standard REST interface and Kafka Big Data Streams
  • High scalability and availability with a cloud-native microservices-based Kubernetes architecture
  • Concurrent operation with SkyEdge IV and SkyEdge II-c deployments
  • Seamless and quick multi-orbit, beam and satellite handover
  • Rich service portfolio accommodates all MNO, Telco and ISP needs

View the Elastix-TotalNMS infographic:

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