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GLT-1000 High Speed, Centrally Managed Satellite Modem
High Speed, Centrally Managed Satellite Modem

Rapid, secure access to voice, data, and video is no longer a luxury. Organizations with fast and reliable broadband connectivity gain a significant competitive edge. Our satellite modem delivers superior performance, high availability, bandwidth efficiency and unified BUC and antenna power supply for on-the-move operations.

Gilat’s GLT1000 modem provides secure and seamless connectivity across land, sea, and air on C, X, Ku and Ka bands. It allows users to simultaneously run a full range of applications, protocols and tasks. Spread spectrum support makes it easy to support very small antennas, operating at a high bit rate for effortless operation anytime, anywhere.

The GLT1000 modem delivers superior performance, high availability and bandwidth efficiency for on-the-move, point-to-point (SCPC) or point-to-multipoint (MCPC) operations. It flexibly supports data rates from 32kbps to 80Mbps with modulation, Forward Error Correction (FEC) and selectable frame size, thus minimizing high-speed overhead and low speed delay. This modem also supports adaptive spreading code and modulation (ASCM) in MCPC mode, providing significant bandwidth savings along with QoS capabilities in graceful degradation conditions.

The modem can be easily set up by non-technical personnel and can be managed via standard SNMP or via the web.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patent-pending ASCM waveform for low SNR threshold, reduced space segment costs and increased availability
  • Integrated IP routing
  • Integrated TCP/IP acceleration with low latency
  • Supports point-to-point, mesh, star and hybrid topologies
  • Unified SOTM terminal with integrated antenna and BUC power supply (optional)

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