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RaySat ER5000 Low-Profile Ka- and Ku- Band SOTM Antenna
RaySat ER5000
Low-Profile Ka- and Ku- Band SOTM Antenna

Satcom On-The-Move (SOTM) is a superb alternative for establishing continuous, reliable, quickly deployable broadband communications anywhere.

The RaySat ER5000 antenna is a low-profile, lightweight, ruggedized two-way antenna system that enables real-time Ka- and Ku-band satellite communications for video, voice and data. Its sturdy structure and small size allow implementation on a wide range of vehicles.

Maximum Throughput

The RaySat ER5000 antenna maximizes throughput using high-efficiency waveguide panel technology. It features multiple onboard tracking sensors, which enable accurate tracking, shortest initial acquisition and instantaneous re-acquisition time after signal loss.

Modem Options

For maximum flexibility, the ER5000 can be deployed in 3 ways:

  • Integrated modem, including seamless mechanical integration of Gilat’s GLT1000 modem.  This allows for operation in low SNR conditions.
  • Gilat modem, as part of Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c mobility modem, taking advantage of its management and mobility support.  
  • 3rd party modem, if it is OpenAMIP 1.17 certified.  When integrated with 3rd party modems, the antenna is supplied with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU). 



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