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RaySat SR300 Compact, Lightweight, Ruggedized Ka and Ku SOTM Antenna
RaySat SR300
Compact, Lightweight, Ruggedized Ka and Ku SOTM Antenna

To establish continuous, reliable and quickly deployed broadband communications, Satcom On-the-Move (SOTM) is often the only choice.
The RaySat SR300 antenna is compact, lightweight and ruggedized. It features a reliable, two-way antenna system that enables real-time broadband satellite communications across Ka and Ku frequencies, primarily for voice, video and data.

Low-Profile and Easy to Install

The RaySat SR300 antenna features an advanced flat panel array which covers both the Rx and Tx bands. Minimal size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) permits installation on small vehicles or marine vessels.  The antenna’s light weight ensures easy and safe mounting for quick and easy operation by non-technical personnel.

The antenna features multiple onboard tracking sensors, enabling accurate tracking, short initial acquisition and instantaneous reacquisition.

 Modem Options

For maximum flexibility, the SR300 can be deployed in 3 ways:

  •  Integrated modem, including seamless mechanical integration of Gilat’s GLT1000 modem.  This allows for operation in low SNR conditions.
  • Gilat modem, as part of Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c mobility modem, taking advantage of its management and mobility support.  
  • 3rd party modem, if it is OpenAMIP v1.17 certified.  When integrated with 3rd party modems, the antenna is supplied with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU). 

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