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SkyEdge IV System
Multi-Orbit Multi-Market Software-Defined Platform

The Elastix-Architecture of SkyEdge IV provides the following major benefits to satellite operators:

  • Efficient Scalability – SkyEdge IV’s Elastix-Architecture enables the platform to scale efficiently based on aggregated capacity of the network regardless of specific beam coverage, bandwidth and/or peak throughput. Scaling is based on aggregated capacity with the smallest footprint possible, while capacity is added only as network utilization increases. This ensures accommodation of day-one operation over a large coverage area, scaling up with increased bandwidth, an increase in users and expanded geographic coverage, as well as support during the network maturity phase and accommodation of ongoing, changing demands.
  • Dynamic Capacity Steering based on Demand – SkyEdge IV’s Elastix-Architecture allows dynamic capacity steering of resources between beams to answer real-time changes in terminals throughput demand over specific geographic locations. No longer will it be required to allocate the maximum needed carrier size and compute power ahead of time. SkyEdge IV allows seamless dynamic carrier reprogramming in perfect coordination with the satellite to accommodate real time changes in user demand.


  • Software-defined ground segment maximizing the value of software-defined satellites
  • Streamlined lifecycle management & orchestration via open platform interfaces
  • Leverages cloud technologies maximizing operational efficiency and network agility
  • Supports next generation VHTS and NGSO constellations
  • Flexible scalable architecture with unprecedented density to support any network size and operational model with minimum footprint
  • Rich feature set for any application, fixed or mobile
  • Diverse modems optimized for specific markets
  • Investment retention with backwards compatibility to SkyEdge II-c VSATs and unified management for SkyEdge IV and SkyEdge II-c

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