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Gemini Family Gemini i, e, 4, 4-Board
Gemini Family
Enabling High-Speed Broadband Services for the Enterprise and Consumer Markets

The Gemini Family consists of high-throughput VSATs designed to enable high-speed broadband Internet services for the enterprise and consumer markets.
Gemini VSATs are ideal for fast web browsing, video streaming, IPTV, VoIP, and other bandwidth-intensive services. In the enterprise space, Gemini has been successfully deployed in the retail, banking, ATM, SCADA, M2M, and lottery verticals, as well as supporting USO/USF and government-funded programs aimed at expanding broadband connectivity to underserved regions.

With full-featured IP routing capabilities, Gemini eliminates the need for an external router. Advanced QoS guarantees the performance of real-time applications, such as VoIP and video streaming, while simultaneously enabling additional data applications. Gemini also supports next-generation IPv6 networking.

To ensure fast web browsing and a high-quality user experience, Gemini contains a full set of protocol optimization and application acceleration features, including TCP and HTTP protocol acceleration and payload compression.

For residential customers, Gemini serves as a home router with support for multiple devices and is designed for quick Do-It-Yourself installation and automatic service activation. Gilat’s VSATs are managed by a comprehensive and flexible ISP management platform. This software-intensive platform supports advanced usage-based service plans, data quota management, automatic service activation and provisioning, and can be integrated into existing post-paid or prepaid billing systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Includes advanced QoS, VLANs and routing protocols supporting enterprise services
  • Enables high-quality VoIP, video and fast web browsing with web acceleration and compression
  • Flexible service plans to meet specific consumer needs
  • Simple installation and service activation for home users
  • Forward and return channel adaptive transmission technologies


The Gemini Family of VSATs includes the following models:

  • Gemini i – Single-port high-performance home router for the residential market
  • Gemini e– Single-port VSAT router for the enterprise market
  • Gemini 4 – Managed 4-port 1GbE LAN switch for the enterprise market.
  • Gemini 4 – Board – Integrated 4-PortVSAT Board.


Gemini 4 VSATs are compatible with SkyEdge II-c and SkyEdge IV.


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