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VSAT Network TotalNMS Total network management to support dynamic business needs
One smart system for scalable networks

Today’s satellite networks are more powerful and capable than ever before. However, as networks become more complex – with potentially thousands of fixed and mobile customer sites spanning multiple gateways, satellites and beams – managing them becomes more and more challenging.

Such sophisticated networks enable more diverse services, leading to much more complex network management. Operators need a tool that will simplify their operation, reduce their costs and improve their customers’ experience. They need TotalNMS by Gilat.

Gilat TotalNMS is a comprehensive management system for SkyEdge II-c platforms, enabling satellite network operators to rapidly introduce services, effortlessly maintain the network, and optimize network resource utilization.
TotalNMS is designed with the flexibility to support networks of any size, as well as supporting dynamic business models such as hosting of shared infrastructures for virtual network operators (VNOs).
TotalNMS incorporates a complete set of network management functions in one simplified interface. It streamlines service fulfillment and assurance operations to save time, reduce costs, and better serve operators’ business needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Task-based user interface
  • Agile network configuration Effective service assurance
  • Advanced mobility services
  • Flexible wholesale business models
  • Facilitated process automation
  • Always-on service availability

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